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SIMPLE !!! There is a server, a switch hub and client PC’s making a very simple network of PC’s. The server is connected to a switch wherein all the PC’s are connected. Upon turning on the client PC instead of the usual boot setup that comes from the hard disk, the boot sequence will be handled by our server. The speed of processing is much faster compared to a client that has a hard disk because we are using "Boot-on-LAN".

EMS server can vary depending on the client’s specifications. It can range from a small business environment of 10 clients or can go up to 500 clients.

EMS Diskless Auto Update
EMS proudly present the online game AUTO UPDATE solutions.
  • For Cybercafe industry, there is a need always update your games. It is a never ending work for updating patches, downloading new games and more. However, with EMS DISKLESS Auto Update feature, there is NO WORRY of update.

  • High Speed FTP Downloading, Outstanding Performance, Stable and Reliable

  • No need to worry about download speed limit set by ISP and other powerful features

  • No Windows file corrupt / registry error during update
  • Online Cinema Cyber Stream

  • FASTEST download of the latest movie

  • The FASTEST, UPDATED and VARIOUS KIND of drama and movie.

  • Up to 4 tb Movie In Server